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H BEST SELLER Socialite είναι μια παλέτα σκιών με 18 αποχρώσεις σε nude, mauve τόνους.
10 x creamy matte shades
4 x duo-chrome shades
2 x pressed glitter shades
1 x shimmer shade
1 x concealer formula

Pearl Clutch is a cream matte
High Society is a duo-chrome golden peach with gold flecks R.S.V.P is a peachy matte
Old Money is a duo-chrome plum with flecks of pink and silver Nouveau Riche is a plummy matte
Members Club is a berry matte
Debutante is a dusty mauve matte
Extravagance is a duo-chrome pink with gold flecks
Cosmopolitan is a pink matte
Blue Blood is a red pressed glitter
Pink Diamond is a copper-pink pressed glitter
First Class is a plummy, pressed shimmer
Refined is a concealer base
Worldy is a pink with warm undertones
Polished is a plum shade with a brown undertoned matte
Classy is a brown matte with a salmon undertone
About Town is a duo-chrome golden brown with pink flecks
Sophisticated is a warm, rosey brown matte.

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